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Vision Statement

Our vision is to inspire people of all ages and backgrounds to achieve greatness in their lives through self-belief, ability and physical fitness.  We aim to create the largest and most supportive martial arts community in Australia.  We challenge the way people look at martial arts and strongly believe that our students deserve the best experience, support and training possible.  Our guiding core values are respect, integrity, honour, honesty and humility.

Mission Statement

United Taekwondo is an evolving professional organisation, where the Branch Instructors work together to restructure a traditional martial art into an effective style of fitness and self-defence.  All participating students will gain the self-confidence and self-esteem required to assist them in dealing with the daily conflicts of work, home and school. We view ourselves as a team with our instructors, students, families and friends working in partnership to achieve our goal of “building people not fighters” while offering our students the opportunity to experience a martial art that brings the best out in everyone.

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