Fitness and Self Defence

Active Kids

United Taekwondo is a registered Active Kids Provider

How to Claim the Active Kids Voucher for your Child

  1. If you DO NOT have a Service NSW account go to: and update your personal details.
  2. If you DO have a Service NSW account go to:
    i  Log in
    ii Medicare card

    1. Height
    2. Weight
    3. Answer a few additional questions
  3. Check your emails

Service NSW Terms and Conditions of Your Active Kids Voucher

Vouchers can be redeemed up to to 31st December this year for activities that occur next year or across both years.

Each voucher can only be used

  • for the person named on the voucher
  • for a structured program for a minimum of 8 weeks
  • once for registration or membership fees with an approved Active Kids Provider
    –  if the membership or participation fees for an activity are more than $100, you will be required to pay the difference
    –  if the membership or participation fees are less than $100 for an activity, then the balance will be forfeited

A voucher cannot be

  • split between more than one provider or registration
  • used for individual items or events (e.g. uniform or equipment purchases, gradings, seminars etc)
  • used for the same activity within the same term as another Active Kids voucher
  • redeemed for cash


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