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Active Kids

United Taekwondo is registered as an official Active Kids Rebate Provider

How to Redeem the Active Kids Voucher for your Child
  1. If you DO NOT have a Service NSW account go to: and update your personal details.
  2. If you DO have a Service NSW account go to:
    i  Log in
    ii Medicare card

    1. Height
    2. Weight
    3. Answer a few additional questions
  3. Check your emails
Service NSW Terms and Conditions of Your Active Kids Voucher
    • Each voucher can only be used:

      • with a registered provider.
      • for the person named on the voucher.
      • once.
      • for a structured program for a minimum of 8 weeks duration.
      • If the membership or participation fees for an activity are more than $100, you will be required to pay the difference.
      • If the membership or participation fees are less than $100 for an activity, then the balance will be forfeited.
      • The balance is not redeemable in cash or towards the membership or participation fees for another activity.
      • In 2019 Voucher 1 is valid from 1st January to 31st December and Voucher 2 is valid from 1st July to 31st December.
      • From 2020 two $100 Active Kids Vouchers will be available for the entire calendar year.


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