Fitness and Self Defence


Our ego likes to win and so it will do anything it can, even plot and plan to avoid experiencing anything else.

“Leave it at the door”

As Instructors we must be aware of training in an environment that allows a person’s ego to remain intact. We need to challenge ourselves and our students and constantly look for new achievable goals each lesson.

“If you want to learn things that others do not know, we must be willing to do the things that other people do not do”

Being involved in martial arts is something special as most people are not willing to strive for the extraordinary. Martial arts can be the perfect environment for extraordinary achievements and the day we settle for ordinary is the day we should give up our martial arts training.

The less attached we are – needing to win, be right, be comfortable or safe – and willing to take some risks, the more things we will discover about ourselves and the more “our ego will be left at the door”.

Let’s make every day extraordinary
Master Paul

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