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Future – How do we discover our purpose in life?

We all have a sense of what we enjoy and we all have natural gifts and talents.  To me, purpose is therefore the expression of your passion and dreams through your talents.  Finding purpose is not a logical process, and while some parents are quick to guide their children into safe comfortable careers, people need to be willing to listen to their emotions, intuition, and “gut feeling” if they want to find their purpose.

One of the keys to discovering your purpose is to explore your childhood dreams.  This does not necessarily mean that you will do the career you loved as a child.  Childhood dreams rather hold symbolic clues.  For example, if you wanted to be a fire fighter, then it may be symbolic of a career that requires you to ‘put out fires’ – troubleshooting.  What were your childhood dreams?  Where are your natural talents?  Make a list and look at careers that involve both your dreams and your talents.  The first job you do along this path may not be your final destination, but it will open doors that will help you further define your purpose.

When I was a child I just wanted to be involved in sport and to be a hero.  I started work when I was eleven and when I look back, all my job involved selling and interacting with people.  It wasn’t until I was in my early 40’s that I realised that I needed glasses.  Once I put on my first pair I have enjoyed reading, studying and now teaching.  It is amazing that the work I do now is a marriage of all those skills and talents.  They give me a unique quality that people are attracted to and engaged by.  People feel inspired because they know I am passionate about what I do.

Enjoy life, I do
Master Paul

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