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Future – How do you organise more time in your day?

Everything keeps coming back to focus. If you know what your objectives are then whenever something comes up you can make a decision about whether it needs to be dealt with now. When we are clear about our purpose we can easily put tasks into quadrants.
I would like you to divide your page into four quadrants. In the top left quadrant call this (1) Important and Urgent, top right (2) Important but not Urgent, bottom left (3) Not Important but Urgent and bottom right (4) Not Important and Not Urgent. If it is in quadrant four, ignore it, quadrant three, get someone else to do it. Ideally life should be about working in quadrants one and two.
Particularly challenging for small business owners is getting caught in the trap of thinking, “If I don’t do it, then it won’t get done”. Something you may find useful is to have a sign about your desk that says, “Whose job am I doing now”. Delegation is very powerful and often misused. It is about having people who are responsible for specific tasks and allowing them to carry out their responsibilities without micro-managing. The other important point here is staff must have the authority and the tools to enable them to perform their roles. There is little that is more soul-destroying and stressful than having responsibility without the authority or ability to fulfil that responsibility.
Make time to make time
Master Paul

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