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Branch Instructor

Instructor Eric Baines

3rd Dan Black Belt

Hunter Region NSW – Muswellbrook Dojang
How long have you been training in Taekwondo, and what got you started?

Watching Bruce Lee movies got me interested and I first joined when I was 17 and achieved my first Black belt 3 years later. Then due to work commitments I had to give it up.  I was able to return to training in 2008 and haven’t stopped since.

Highlights of your Taekwondo success?
  • Achieving my Black Belt
  • Seeing students achieve their Black Belts and not giving up even when they think they have failed
Describe your first black belt grading, and what it took to get you there?

It didn’t go as well as planned. I didn’t break the 2-board side kick and I slipped over while sparing and broke my foot. But I didn’t give up and achieved Black Belt in the end.

How often do you train in Taekwondo, Gym, Etc?

2 nights a week

Favourite Taekwondo move or moves?
  • Running jumping back kick
  • Tornado kick (inner crescent to jumping inner crescent kick)
What are your personal goals in Taekwondo?

To hopefully achieve my 4th Dan in 2023

Has Taekwondo benefited home life? If so, in what way?

No not really

Your favourite saying and what this means?

“Tis but a scratch”

 If anyone has seen Monty Pythons Holly Grail, they will understand that saying.

Best advice you can give someone training and wishing to start training in Taekwondo?

All the black belts where once white belts and we have been where you are now.

What other activities apart from Taekwondo do you enjoy?
  • Playing darts
  • Playing my drums
Favourite movie(s) and why?

Anything from Monty Python because they just don’t get old; you can watch over and over and still laugh

Favourite food?

Steak, Chicken, Seafood

With regards to Taekwondo where do you see yourself in 5 years? 10 years?
  • Running my own class, which I am doing now.
  • Becoming a senior member within United Taekwondo.
  • Expanding our region to more locations to give people more access to classes.