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Alex Velovski

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Connells Point / St George NSW Region

Alex Velovski


How long have you been training in Taekwondo? And what got you started?

I was introduced to Taekwondo in May 1999 by a school friend and his father who had been training in the discipline for many years.

I attended a few classes and was fascinated and inspired by the various patterns and techniques used in martial arts so I decided to join and enrolled.

Highlights of your Taekwondo success?

Becoming a black belt was my greatest achievement, it was a journey that came with time, patience, commitment, aptitude and personal goal settings that helped me along the way.

Achieving my 1st Degree Black Belt in 2013
Achieving my 2nd Degree Black Belt in 2015

I was offered an opportunity to become an instructor which I accepted with no hesitation.  I always had a passion to eventually teach others what I learnt alongside my mentors Master Paul and Chief Instructor John.

I am now running a class at Connells Point every Thursday and look forward to welcoming and meeting new students both kids and adults who decide to join.

Describe your first black belt grading, and what it took to get you there?

In preparation for my first black belt grading I attended training at the following centres –
2 nights at Oatley, 2 nights at Lugarno, and morning class at Hurstville on Saturday.  I also trained every Sunday with a colleague of mine at a nearby park.

On the actual day of grading I was slightly nervous and didn’t know what to expect.
However, I told myself to keep calm and focus on what I had been practicing in class.
I applied myself and before I knew it, it was over.  I was content that I made it through and didn’t disappoint my family and friends who were spectating.

How often do you train? In Taekwondo? Gym? etc

My weekly training regime in Taekwondo is as follows:-

2 nights at Oatley
1 night at Lugarno
Run a class on Thursday at Connells Point
Morning class on Saturday at Hurstville

Favourite Taekwondo move or moves?

Outward Crescent Kick followed by a Front Kick.

What are your personal goals in Taekwondo?

  1. To teach and mentor a student who commences at White Belt and wants to progress all the way up to Black Belt.
  2. To help students develop physically and mentally to their full potential.
  3. To further improve and enhance my skills/techniques in martial arts as well as broaden my knowledge in the teachings of martial arts.

Your favourite saying and what this means?

“Never look at where you are going to attack in a spar, Keep your eyes up and use your peripheral vision”.

Explanation: If you are going to aim to hit someone on the shoulder don’t look at their shoulder before-hand. They may read that and move out of the way or simply block it. By not looking where you strike, it makes your attack more unpredictable.

Best advice you can give someone training and wishing to start training in Taekwondo?

Don’t be too concerned about what you can and cannot do because there is always someone else in the class that can and will be willing to assist you to reach your potential.

Everyone learns at their own pace, so if they have the motivation and desire to strive for success, they will get there in the end.

What other activities apart from Taekwondo do you enjoy?

I enjoy reading and catching up with friends on weekends.

Favourite movie(s) and why?

“Fist of Legend” and” Enter the Dragon” as they both star my favourite martial artists i.e. Jet Li and Bruce Lee.

I am also a fan of Star Wars franchise as I like the sci-fi/samurai fusion.

Favourite food?

Steak and Seafood.

With regards to Taekwondo where do you see yourself in 5 years? 10 years?

In 5 years time I hope to qualify for grading and received my 3rd Degree in Black Belt

In 10 Years I hope to have achieved my 4th Degree in Black Belt

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