Fitness and Self Defence

Masters approach

Senior Instructors understand that a strong work ethic and a willingness to do what others are unwilling to do is the reason why they have progressed to a senior level. They also understand that progression is also about a mixture of the right ingredients.

Physical fitness: This is about not only doing sufficient exercise, but also eating the right foods and getting enough rest so the body can do the repair work.

Preparation fitness: This is about training to best prepare us to be comfortable across a range of scenarios. This includes pre self-defence strategies, long and short range free sparing strategies, edge weapon attacks and multiple-assailant scenarios.

Time management: This is about balancing family, work, social and training. We all keep a diary to lets us know what work we have to do during the day, but do you include time for family and personal time for yourself.

The key to implementing all the above strategies, of course, is discipline. This underpins consistency, which is necessary for results in any field of endeavour but especially in martial arts and physical training.

Make time to make time
Master Paul

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