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Mindset – Give from the heart

I have never met a giver who was not a happy person because giving is like a seed. Whatever you give will grow and come back to you as long as you plant in good soil.

Many people wonder why they don’t have a harvest of good relationships or why no one ever gives them anything; quite frankly it’s because they don’t give anything back (and you should not give expecting to receive).

Giving is important because it gives you a sense of achievement. You are giving back to the community. We all benefit from everyone else and I think it is important that we learn to be givers. Giving also shows that you have the correct mind-set because that seed you invest in someone causes him or her to be generous, and propagates a chain reaction. I don’t believe there has ever been a monument erected to a taker, they are erected to givers. If you ever want to be a successful leader you need to give without any strings attached. Don’t give and then hold it against people it is very controlling.

When you give, give from the heart.
Master Paul

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