Fitness and Self Defence


Every year we make a promise of a “new start”.  This will be the year I lose weight, get fitter, forget about last year and start with a clean slate.
There are many factors that cause motivation to wane.  One of the main factors is “time”.  When we don’t see immediate results or the results of our efforts aren’t as expected, we can feel that our hard work has been worthless and thus continuing is pointless.  We have all been there and that is why we need to set achievable goals.
Another factor is “fear” of failing and the “fear” of being successful.  The latter is actually quite common, due in part to our subconscious awareness that with success there is greater expectations and greater pressures.  The higher you go the further you have to fall.
There are countless books, articles, DVD’s, films etc. out there, created by people who have done what you want to do. These people have taken a similar journey and been successful.
Personally, I have been there and through my experience if you want to be successful you need to surround yourself with like-minded people who are willing to share their knowledge and offer support.
Yours in the arts
Master Paul
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