Fitness and Self Defence


There are many reasons why community members start learning a martial art. It could be as simple as some of the following; social outlet, train with other family members, fitness, self-defence, self-confidence and good health to name a few. These new students will enjoy all the above and much more as long as they are not focused on trophies, certificates or a black belt.

I understand that your rank is a good indicator of your dedication, and a good grading syllabus and examination will test them to some extent, but we must all understand that rank must not be the only result. We should always focus on developing a person’s character and realise that a belt is a symbol that recognises their efforts and indicates where their current skill is or should be.

If you can develop in your own mind a true feeling for your progression you may find that the journey is more enjoyable and that your results are too.

Keep training hard
Master Paul

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