Fitness and Self Defence


Annual seminars are available to gain technical experience in our own style or to gain a different perspective on self-defence. They show the characteristics of each style and instructor, and to the keen eye and martial artists with experience, it may show where they are lacking just as it may show where their strengths lie. The main benefit lies in the students interpretation of the session.

The seminars are designed to promote understanding, not only of the many possibilities for self-defence both favourable and flawed, but also what each art and instructor teaches. Inevitably, not every technique will be to everyone’s taste. Many people may take a defensive approach to their evaluation and look for reasons why each style is not as good as theirs, rather than asking, “How could we use what we have learnt and add value to your own organisation?”

There is so much to learn, but in the end if you have increased your self-esteem and self-confidence you will now have a greater understanding that is more to martial arts than just learning how to fight.

Enjoy your training
Master Paul

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