Fitness and Self Defence

Strengths and weaknesses

You have heard the old saying “You are only strong as your weakest link”

Students can get so caught up in focusing on their strong points that they become blind to the other areas of skill and physical fitness that could be improved. To feel your favourite punch and kick snapping out with accuracy and power will give you a good feeling but may also keep you away from focusing on your weakest link.

Martial art practitioners require a diverse set of skills and attributes, both mentally and physically. To meet these demands means taking a well-rounded approach, and working extra hard to improve on those areas which are weak. Just remember high repetition of one technique can also lead to injury, coupled with you weaknesses in other areas of your body that have become underdeveloped. How good would a punch be without balance, co-ordination and timing?

So with all that in mind, strengthen your weaknesses and you will grow, develop and expand your ability in all areas of your life.

Yours in the arts
Master Paul

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