Fitness and Self Defence

Traditional martial arts

United Taekwondo may be only young and to some not regarded as a traditional martial art.

In my opinion United Taekwondo is traditional because it holds the values handed down by the original masters. In United Taekwondo our aim is to never lose. As hard as this idea may be to grasp for a new member, your training should be focused on avoidance of conflict.

“If you never fight, you never lose.”

You can learn to punch and kick all you like, but until you address the extremes of your own nature you can never grasp the core lessons we are providing. I can assure you that our main purpose is to develop the person within while enjoying the great benefits that are associated with health, fitness and self-defence.

If you decide to train under the guidance of a United Taekwondo Instructor, you should train hard over a long period of time and try to discover, for yourself, how to make things you are learning work for you.

Yours Sincerely
Master Paul

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