Fitness and Self Defence

Train hard

In the old days, students dropped out because the training was too hard. This has definitely bred a lot of tough martial artists, but has also kept a lot of people from realising their potential and gaining great benefits from being a long-term student.

Due to commercialisation of martial arts we have seen a forced change in the old-school attitude to teaching and now more parents and children are taking up martial arts at their local centre. Yet with everything that is available; reference tools, website and instructional DVD’s the problem of student retention still exists.

The problem, I believe, lies in the expectation of instant results. We are now in a generation where “fast is best” and is expected. The problem is that martial arts requires time and effort, no matter which discipline you decide to study.

The key to success is:  If your expectations are high, your effort must be likewise.

Train hard, and get back what you give.

All the best
Master Paul

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